Why NeW Exists: Sex Week at UK

by NeW Staff on October 5, 2009 · 0 comments

Sex Week kicks off today at the University of Kentucky with the slogan: “Sex Week @ UK…It’s Coming. R U?” The inaugural Sex Week hosts a series of events ranging from “Sex Toys 101” to lectures offering sex education and “how-to” guides. This week-long event will culminate on Sunday when men march a mile in women’s high heels to protest sexual violence, according to a Lexington based news

Where to start?

In first hearing about this event, I tried to approach it with an open mind: maybe this is a good idea? With more college students consumed with the hook-up culture than ever before, an event like this will expose the life-long consequences associated with casual sex and instead offer practical behavioral solutions. Maybe “Sex Week” will highlight stories of men and women who choose intimacy, chivalry and dating over the damaging sex rings found on college campuses. Maybe?

I was wrong.

Sex Week at UK, along with Yale University and Indiana University, belittle and trivialize sex. The sessions preach the message that you can have the lifestyle you choose without any regard for consequences. That is, casual sex is encouraged by using the “proper lubricant and condom” while marriage is viewed as an antiquated concept reserved for our parent’s generation.

Sex-themed weeks highlight just how misinformed and one sided our college campuses truly are. Where are the sessions for “Yes-Please hold my door open” or “Reclaim your Femininity”? “Chivalry 101” has been replaced with belly dancing classes and
The Vagina Monologues. The feminist movement calls this “art” and then turns around and says women are worth more than their body parts. These messages confuse the college woman and she is left to believe that hooking up is her only option. Private sex product parties may be compared to “Tupperware parties” by the left, but it is not the same. Nor, should sex be viewed as a to-go menu with multiple options on the side. This hook-up culture does affect college men and women and while “sex weeks” may be all the rage today, tomorrow their consequences will be devastating.

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