Why I am a NeW Woman

by Elizabeth on September 28, 2011 · 0 comments

When I learned about the Network of enlightened Women during my freshman year, I  knew that it was the absolute perfect club for me, and that it would be something I would want to get involved with and give back to. NeW is the place where I have made close friends, discussed interesting books, and learned how to be a conservative woman at an extremely liberal campus. NeW has helped me find the courage to stand up and be able to argue for conservative view in class and in life. It is a resource, as well as a place where I could get all the facts and figure out exactly what I believed and why. I always considered myself a conservative and knew how I felt on a lot of issues, but NeW has helped me learn even more about conservatism and how radical feminism is a true threat to both men and women in my generation. NeW is a place where women can celebrate being women,  being conservative and being contributing voices to the issues that are important today. As we celebrate NeW's Seventh Anniversary this week, I recount how truly blessed I am to have been involved for 4 years as a member, in various officer positions, as President, as a blog writer and as a national NeW intern. NeW has shaped my college experience and has given me a foundation which I know will continue to support me as I graduate and go out into the real world next year. I can't wait to be celebrating NeW's 50th someday with all the wonderful NeW women I've met throughout the country over these past four years. Thanks again NeW for everything, and Happy Seventh Anniversary!

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