Why I am a NeW Woman

by NeW Staff on May 7, 2010 · 2 comments

I believe in conservative values.  I believe in NeW.

I am a NeW woman for many reasons. Not only have I found a place on campus where I feel comfortable expressing and discussing my conservative beliefs, I have found a place where I can challenge my beliefs, learn more about various topics, and network with powerful and successful women around the country. I've also found a place where I have I met the best of friends. I look forward to each and every meeting, each and every Tea Party, and each and every time I wear my NeW shirt around campus. For those who have never heard of NeW, I love seeing their faces light up when they realize that an organization like NeW exists. I was the same way when I found out about NeW---I knew I had found the perfect organization for me and the one I wanted to devote as much time to as I possibly could. I couldn't wait for the first meeting and I couldn't wait to meet girls thought the same way I did.

I became a NeW woman because:

- I believe that men and women are different. Both genders should be recognized and celebrated for their differences. It takes both a man and a woman to create healthy relationships and a healthy society. 

-I believe that femininity should be celebrated. Neutralizing gender only hurts society, it doesn't help women and it doesn't help men. Being successful and powerful doesn't mean you have to become masculine, you can be successful whether you are wearing pumps and pearls or wingtips and a tie.

-I believe that woman can have a family and a career, or can decide either option!  I believe in traditional family values and that women can be successful inside the home. Children shouldn't be belittled.

-I believe in conservative values such as personal fiscal responsibility, conservative social values, and limited government.

-I believe radical feminism is hurting society. I stand for strong families, strong women, and strong men. We don't have to put down being a mother, we don't have to become men, and we don't have to throw our gender differences out the window!

-I believe in chivalry. I believe in ladies and gentleman, tradition and respectability, and conservatism in dress and manner.

-I believe this network that has been created and continues to grow is a strong force of opposition to the radical feminist movement. NeW is the answer women have been searching for, it is the wake-up call to let America's women and men realize that feminists aren't the only ones that have a voice and they aren't protecting women's best interests. Conservative values need to be protected. Women, men, and families need to be protected and NeW offers that voice.

I became a NeW woman because of my beliefs. I will forever be a NeW woman because I believe in the power of NeW and the numerous, wonderful, and beautiful women that stand behind it. I love NeW!

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Patricia Birren-Wilsey May 31, 2012 at 3:06 pm

I like to think that I’ve been a NeW woman for most of my adult life. Got a few scrapes and bruises for the few years when I tried to implement “the feminist me,” after having read and bought into “Feminine Mystique.” However, I’ve since regained my common sense and moral compass. Having found this website was for me a godsend; I was beginning to think my idea of young women understanding and embracing the traditional values of home, family, and motherhood, as well as the sustaining characteristics of honesty, dignified conduct, and self-sufficiency would never be realized. But, then I discovered NeW.

Thank you for the fine article, above. I am pulling for and with you. Our leading by example and support for other enlightened women will reap the successful return of strong, independent Americans, who are, most importantly, dedicated wives and mothers.


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