Who’s to Blame?

by NeW Staff on January 14, 2009 · 0 comments

I came across a blog today on National Review Online written by Peter Kirsanow commenting on an article by Jay Nordlinger, also on NRO.
Nordlinger maintains that the recent mocking of President Bush, Vice
President Cheney, and Governor Palin all prove that the Left has won
the fight. Kirsanow takes this a step further in his blog post by
pointing to the inactivity and failure of high-ranking Republicans, who
he believes have not done much to help the plight of conservatives.

writers bring valid opinions to this current conservative conundrum.
What do you think? Are the recent sweeping Democratic victories, both
in terms of public office and even public opinion, due to the successes
of the Left or the failures of the Right? Regardless of who is to
blame, conservatives must recognize the situation they find themselves
in and work to reassert conservative ideology back into the mainstream.

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