Who is Really “Advancing” Women?

by NeW Staff on September 23, 2008 · 0 comments

For many of you reading this blog, the information in Christina Hoff Summers’ recent  article,“Foolishly Seeking Gender Equity in Math and Science”, is not new. However, considering that women’s issues are becoming more and more important in the upcoming election,  it could be helpful to brush up on some of the recent literature about equality.

It may seem intuitive to some that there are innate differences in women and men, but some of the facts in Hoff Summers’ article may surprise you. For example:

“the National Science Foundation is administering a multi million-dollar gender-equity program called ADVANCE…Through ADVANCE, NSF is attempting to make academic science departments more cooperative, democratic, and interdisciplinary as well as less obsessive and stressful”

The not only does the goal of this program seem inefficient given the research on women in science, but the actual dollar amounts are shocking. In one of the mentioned colleges, Hunter College, of the 6 million dollars the NSF awards the school for the promotion of science, 4 million goes to ADVANCE! Have a read if you are unaware how so very broad the spectrum of opinions on sexual equality actually is.

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