Who Do You Want to Work For: Men or Women?

by NeW Staff on December 7, 2009 · 1 comment

Today, Feministing commented on an article by Marie Claire that asks, "Do all women make lousy bosses?" 

Marie Claire cited a recent article that studies have found male bosses to be "less bullying, egotistical, and overbearing" as compared to female bosses.

Feministing was insulted that Marie Claire, a women's site, would even ask such a question or provide negative views about women in the workplace.  I actually think there's something to this story.  How can we hold each other to a higher standard unless we call each other out when we're in the wrong?

I would argue that it's precisely the effects of modern feminism that make women all too often difficult to work for.  Unfortunately, many women feel the need to prove themselves in the workforce in ways that are less about the "team" and more about themselves.  Women assume the victim mentality and have a chip on their shoulder as they advance in the workplace.  

I think we have an opportunity to change this trend.  We can first reject the victim mentality that dominates today.  We, as women, should take personal responsibility for our actions and not blame others when things go wrong.  This study also should cause us to pause in our tracks.  We should recognize the tendency that other women have to be viewed as "bullying, egotistical, and overbearing" and exemplify qualities of humility, diligence, and industry.  And, we should call each other out when we're not behaving like ladies.

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