What Does Hollywood Say About Women?

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What Does Hollywood Say About Women?

NeW National Conference Travel Scholarship Contest

Calling All NeW Women!  Looking for a way to come to the National Conference in D.C. on June 25?   Here is a great opportunity to help get you there!   

Contest Essay Question: Television shows and movies typically portray women in one of two ways:  the frail victim or the powerfully masculine.  How has being involved with NeW broadened your view of women?  Is there any truth to the way women are portrayed on shows like the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Sex and the City, and Grey’s Anatomy?

Please limit answers to 600 words.

At the NeW National Conference you will hear from NeW book club author, Christina Hoff Sommers, build your knowledge of conservative principles and meet other NeW women.  We want all NeW women to have the chance to attend.  By submitting an essay for the contest, you will have the chance to win a travel scholarship to get there.

First Prize Winner will receive $300 Travel Scholarship 

Second Prize $225 Travel  Scholarship 

Third Prize $150 Travel Scholarship

Fourth Prize $125 Travel Scholarship

Fifth Prize $100 Travel Scholarship

**Applicants must be a member or leader of a NeW Chapter.  Winners will be highlighted on the blog and at the Conference.  

Please submit answers via email to [email protected] and include your name and chapter by  Thursday, June 10th, attached in a Word Document.  Please email Holly with any questions.  Good Luck!

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