What Do Women Really Want?

by NeW Staff on June 26, 2008 · 0 comments

Crittenden hits the nail on the head in Chapter 6. Women haven't experienced biological changes in the last century, and we cannot deny our natural traits and tendencies. I often find it frustrating when feminists assert that we need more power in the workplace or that we must be liberated. Is that what women really want? What I feel is often missing from the feminist perspective are the testimonies of women who have risen to the top, who have achieved great success in the business world or women who feel that they are sexually "free." Are they really happier and better off?

Surely there have been great advances made in the twentieth century for women. We can now pursue any career we want; our opportunities are endless, and this reality is cause for celebration. But what is critical for women to consider when pursuing careers is to ask, is a career what we ultimately want for our lives? It is essential to evaluate your own personal desire for a family. Not that every woman has the same goals and passions, but it seems as though we are taught today that marriage and family only create a state of bondage. This is destructive for women to believe that only work can bring fulfillment. More broadly, it is damaging for society when important cultural and social institutions are undermined. Women often do find great joy in having a family, and this should not be discounted or devalued.

I can’t wait to hear Crittenden as she expounds more upon these issues!

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