What did you actually learn in college?

by NeW Staff on February 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Richard Brake of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute discussed a recent release of ISI’s new report on civic literacy, “The Shaping of the American Mind: the Diverging Influences of the College Degree & Civil Learning of American Beliefs” to CSPAN.

The interview, while long, addresses the study's results which show that students are not being taught basic American government. What are students being taught? According to the study, a college education has the most impact on "divisive, polarizing social issues" that move students to a left wing view of such hot-topic issues.

Most of our readers are college students or recent graduates, so, what do you think? Do you feel you learned more about the basics of American government or hot-topic issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and the death penalty? Not sure? Take
the quiz and find out if you know "the basics" of American civics.

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