Way to Bounce Back!

by NeW Staff on January 16, 2009 · 0 comments

 You know the girls who are always fawning over infants and dreaming of owning a minivan? Not that there is anything wrong with the nurturing type, but I swear, I'm not obsessed with babies and motherhood.  However, in light of my last post on reproductive technology, I can't help but post on this interesting story I read.

Apparently, the Minister of Justice of France, Rachida Dati, is causing quite a stir as she showed up to a political event five days after having a cesarean section. The controversy comes from many areas, but one concern is that her actions imply the unimportance of a significant maternity leave. People worry that employers will try to hurry women back prematurely from excessive maternity leave.

I think this story is fascinating because although some articles mention that the French people think it unwise for Dati to return to work so soon, I found no mentions of her child.  I would wonder what the developmental repercussions of a child separated from her mother at such a young age are. Another interesting aspect of the story is that Dati is in her forties and a single mother (no mention of a father). Any thoughts on whether this example supports or hurts arguments for the necessity of the nuclear (two parent) family?

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