University of Florida Chapter Hosts Britt Riner of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

by Amy Sapp on November 13, 2014 · 0 comments

"This is the true war on women, and it deserves a passionate response." -Britt Riner, Interim Executive Director of Women's Rights Without Frontiers
On November 6, members of the Gainesville community met with the University of Florida chapter of the Network of enlightened Women to engage in a heavy conversation about the gendercide of female infants and children in China and India in the twenty-first century. For many citizens of the West, the one child policies and forced abortions seem like atrocities of the past. However, as Riner shared Thursday night with the women of NeW, this problem still exists around the globe, and its ugly head will continue to pervade society until changes are made. "Education is not enough," Riner said  regarding how to counter the problem of forced abortions and infanticide. More needs to be done. The women of NeW joined Riner as they watched the documentary, "It's A Girl," a film produced by Women's Rights Without Frontiers that explores the details of what atrocities are actually being done to mothers of little girls and prospective mothers of female children across the globe. The war on women may, indeed, be waging. As Riner shares, however, this war of woman is being waged against the 200 million female lives currently lost to abandonment and forced abortion, women who are "missing in the world."

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