This is What a Feminist Looks Like

by NeW Staff on October 7, 2010 · 0 comments

The Feminist Majority Foundation made a video about what feminists look like . Click on the link to watch the complete video they produced.

The video has multiple speakers that throw out different adjectives about feminism, "A feminist is a humanist, smart, beautiful, fearless, strong, kind, intelligent, invincible, active, empowered, individualistic, cool..."
And it goes on to say that feminism, "It has to do with being treated as equal."

Equality in a social, political and economic sense is something that feminists proclaim as a right for women. What woman doesn't want to be equal to a man? Why aren't we treated the same? We shouldn't be treated especially different either, because we aren't! We are equal!

The problem with this area of feminism, and the mindset of some women, is that they forget that men and women are different. Biologically and otherwise, men and women are not the same. Research shows that the brains of men and women are geared towards alternate activities and behaviors. If we forget about our differences as men and women, what is the result?

A gender neutral society? What good would that do?

There is nothing wrong with girls wanting to play with dolls or boys wanting to play with trucks. Some feminists take it to the extreme and try to change the natural tendencies of children. It's called gender neutral parenting. Although there is debate on the play of social environment in the creation of some male and female behavior, studies still show that there are natural tendencies and it's not all social.

A recent study by Marie Claire shows that 1/3 of women consider themselves as feminists.

So do 1/3 of women know what they believe, what they look like? Or are they just listening to what others are telling them to believe, which is sometimes only part of the bigger picture?

Do you know what you believe? What kind of woman do you look like?

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