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by NeW Staff on November 11, 2009 · 0 comments

Happy Veterans Day.

We cannot let today go by without thanking those who fight to protect the freedoms of this country.  We are so blessed by the service of young men and women who for hundreds of years have fought to keep the USA free and safe.

Do you know when Veterans Day started?  On November 11, 1918 the Allies and Germany signed an Armistice and ended fighting in World War II.  But the following year, President Woodrow Wilson called it "Armistice Day" in remembrance for the end to the War.  It was not made a legal holiday until 1938, when it's name was also changed to "Veteran's Day."  

And so today, we celebrate Veteran's Day.  I'm sure we've all been touched by the service of a loved one or friend; we've seen their dedication and passion for protecting our nation.  We saw how they served their country with pride and conviction.  It's humbling to see.  Thank those in your life who have served this country.  And, if you are a veteran, we thank you graciously for your commitment and your service. 

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