The Women’s Conference: Does It Really Speak for Women?

by NeW Staff on October 27, 2009 · 0 comments

Maria Shriver's report "A Woman's Nation" culminates today with The Women's Conference.  The speakers include a host of media, political, business, and TV personalities, including Katie Couric, Arianna Huffington, and Meghan McCain.

What is the driving force behind the conference you might ask?  Well, that's precisely what I think we should be concerned with.  Shriver's Report makes a few bold statements, including these two:

"Men and woman overwhelmingly agree on what they want in life, and how they view their roles in marriage, as parents, and in their jobs."
"Government, business, the media and our faith communities, in many cases, still cling to outdated models of who works and who cares for our families."

Hmmm...Is this really what American women and men believe?  That we are "clinging to outdated models" of women at home and in the workplace?  Do women find true happiness in fulfillment in having someone else raise their children?  Do men really like the effects of feminism on culture today?  Somehow, I find Shriver's statements to be untrue of many women and men in America today.  

When you read the mission of Shriver's conference in light of those earlier statements, her agenda is clear: She believes that Women need to have more power. 

"The mission of The Women’s Conference is to inspire, empower and educate women to be Architects of Change in their own lives and in the lives of others."

Stay tuned this week as NeW updates you on the events of the conference, provides its own critique and analysis of Shriver's agenda, and seeks to find a balance on what both men and women really want.  Don't miss the discussion!

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