The Power of Playboy

by NeW Staff on January 11, 2009 · 0 comments

I was skimming CNN this afternoon and happened upon an interview with Hugh Hefner. In the interview Mr. Hefner, 82, discusses the history of his company, Playboy, and his newest girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, 19-year-old twins.

Mr. Hefner and his empire have always been an anomaly to me. On one hand, Playboy seems to be one thing on which both Feminists and Conservative women can agree. On the other hand, the economics-loving side of me can't help but be intrigued by the success of Playboy for over 55 years. It may be true that there will always be a market for those businesses which appeal to the baser side of man's nature. However, this interview discusses how when it comes to the Mr. Hefner's recent venture, the show "Girls Next Door", :
"78 percent of the viewers are women."

Does this surprise anyone ? Have women accepted and even developed a fondness for this former symbol of the objectification of women?

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