The offensive, the vulgar and the not so ugly Wendy Williams

by NeW Staff on December 4, 2009 · 0 comments

The New York Times Style Magazine is highlighting the celebrated day-time talk show potty mouth—Wendy Williams. Microphone in hand, Williams has the gall to talk about her tampon sizes—super, in case you actually care—her public drug abuses and the wonders of her very large mouth.

“Like a kooky media divinity, a god in a comic book myth, Williams, 45, is permeable, superpotent and with no observable boundaries. She performs tricks on the air that involve her surgically amplified bosom.”

So what do conservative women think of a woman who vows on air to “keep her audience up to date on her vaginal toning?” Well, for starters television viewing is not mandatory. It is a personal decision to stay abreast of the talk show’s topics. 

But beyond that, is this image who American television is actually selling as a “successful woman?” She went from radio to mainstream television in less than a decade and has made a name for big-mouth, big-hair, and double GGed women everywhere. She made that name using foul language, inappropriate television banter and an unbelievable amount of ignorance to what women really want.

Yet, she has still succeeded.

So what does her success tell us about what viewers want when they are alone in their family room? Do women really crave vulgar topics—topics that would fit in just fine in a male locker room? And I wonder how long this success can actually last, is Wendy Williams the next “Kathy Griffin: my life on the D-List"? 

Is this what women really want? 

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