The Latest Woman Hater

by NeW Staff on July 23, 2008 · 0 comments

Yet another accusation of sexism in the news on the liberal front. The victim this time: Senator John McCain. In Kate Sheppard’s article “McSexism,” ( she criticizes McCain for political views and actions that are negative towards women. She writes,

“McCain’s record and policies on issues of importance to women are neither moderate nor maverick.”

Read the article and see for yourself. The feminists’ criticisms have resulted from his position on abortion, equal pay, and welfare. McCain is pro-life, supports equality of opportunity, and wants to decrease government dependence. These are all firmly anti-women position in the eyes of feminist leaders. But is McCain ultimately a sexist or does he simply support a conservative agenda?

How has feminism come to dominate the election the way that it has? This article goes hand in hand with Karin’s last post on the NOW Conference. Feminists truly believe they are the victims. Personally, I don’t find any comfort in a mentality that believes the world, the government, and politicians are all working against me. In this election, we should focus on how the candidates’ platforms affect the entire nation and not simply one group.

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