The Latest in the Teen “Sexting” Craze

by NeW Staff on April 14, 2009 · 0 comments

The latest in the teen “sexting” craze: legalization in Vermont. Currently, teenagers under 18 years of age could face prosecution for being a sex offender if they are caught “sexting” graphic nude photos of themselves or others via cell phone text messaging. This law, if passed in Vermont, would protect such teenagers from being prosecuted under the law.

What is more shocking is a recent poll taken, in which 18 percent of female students in the country said they have tried “sexting.” This is not just a problem; it is an epidemic. The fact that lawmakers are trying to legalize such a practice is leading to further degradation of American society. This practice will have negative consequences beyond simply high school for partakers of “sexting;” several past participants have already spoken out about the problems that have resulted from this practice. This is something we should not and cannot allow to continue to occur in the nation. What is the solution?

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