The Fairness Doctrine

by NeW Staff on July 9, 2008 · 0 comments

Ideally, we should have no government involvement in the media. However that is not possible, we need the government to provide ratings for movies, television and ensure that there are certain things that do not reach the airwaves in certain venues during certain times. The Fairness Doctrine takes government involvement to a whole new level. There is no need for the government to require controversial issues to be presented fairly.

Granted, that sounds like a great idea, every issue that is deemed to be controversial should be shown fairly. But it seems that anyone listening to a presentation, in any form of a controversial issue ought to seek out for themselves a fair and balanced look at both sides. Requiring news sources to do this infringes on the inherent freedom of the press to present their opinions. And who is to say that simply having both sides of the issue come forward presents a fair and balanced look? Having Al Gore debate global warming with me, even if we may have differing opinions, would certainly not be equally matched, Al Gore would lose.

But seriously, when we go down that road, where do we stop? Do we require blogs, an inherently biased form of opinion writing to be balanced? Do we require talk radio on certain stations that are primarily know for expressing a certain point of view to be balanced? Do we analyze the media's news reporting for bias and when found do we
require an alternative point of view? People have been searching out what is fair and just, by themselves, for the last 2000 years or more. Now Nancy Pelosi and her honchos on the left side of the aisle seem to think they should be able to tell us what is fair.

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