The Effects of the Hook-up Culture

by NeW Staff on January 8, 2009 · 0 comments

As usual, the mainstream media continues to hide the success of abstinence education programs and teen sexuality. Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America discussed the reasons for teen pregnancy in her recent column. She cites the hook-up culture, particularly pervasive on college campuses, for the increase in pregnancy. She writes,

“The increase in teen births was primarily in the 18- to 19- year-old group—in other words, primarily college students who have entered an alcohol-and-hook-up saturated environment where only the strong can stand up against the peer pressure, rampant promiscuity, co-ed dorms, and anything-goes culture.”

It is so easy to become numb to these everyday occurrences on college campuses, but it is dangerous not to recognize how empty and harmful such lifestyle choices can be for college women. Shaw discusses the increasing number of pregnant teen celebrities and the acceptance of such behaviors as normal by our society.

The question in my mind remains, how can we respond most effectively? NeW has confronted the hook-up culture from the beginning of its existence and worked to explain the dangers that go along with such habits.  We must continue to analyze, discuss, and explain not only the problems with the hook-up culture for women while they are in college but also evaluate the lasting repercussions that will follow them long after their college days end.

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