The Cold Realities of Teen Sexting

by NeW Staff on March 24, 2009 · 0 comments

Karin has written before about the rising teen phenomenon of “sexting”—the sending of nude or pornographic phones via text messaging. A recent story on shows the true dangers involved in this practice beyond simply moral objections that many may have.

A high school senior “sexted” a nude photo of herself to her boyfriend, but somehow the photo was spread all over the school. After intense humiliation and mocking by her classmates, this young woman in desperation and embarrassment, hanged herself tragically. Her family has been left distraught by their daughter’s decision and has begun a nationwide fight to end the teen practice of sexting. One attorney working on this case says that direct action needs to be taken to prevent further harm to the nation’s youth:

“Schools need to understand our kids are targeting each other and how technology is being used as a weapon. None of them (the schools) know what to do. Many of them ... think it's not their problem. They want to close their eyes and put fingers in their ears, saying it's a home issue.”

This case is tragic indeed, but it is indicative of a growing problem affecting the nation’s youth. The moral degradation of society is creeping in and beginning to spread across high schools. The young girl’s mother stated,

“We want a bill passed. It's a national epidemic. Nobody is doing anything - no schools, no police officers, no adults, no attorneys, no one.”

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