The Beginning of a Journey: Reading The Feminine Mystique

by NeW Staff on February 23, 2010 · 0 comments

This quarter, OSU NeW will be reading The Feminine Mystique. That’s right. We are going to read the book that ignited Second Wave Feminism and the book that the even more radical Third Wave Feminists hold onto like the Bible.

At our meeting tonight, we are going to discuss the first and second chapters. Even though I have already read the chapters and have my own first impressions, I am going to withhold my opinions until I converse with the other NeW girls. That way, you readers will be able to get a wide range of conservative girls’ reactions to this “radical” book.

Although I am not going to talk about the book yet, I still want to convince you all that reading The Feminine Mystique and other radical feminist books is just as important as the conservative books. I, along with the other OSU NeW girls, am excited to get a new perspective. By reading a radical feminist’s book, a conservative woman will become stronger of her own opinions when they are challenged, will be able to defend her position because she knows and understands the other position, and she will become enlightened—as a lady of NeW should be!

I encourage you all to read The Feminine Mystique if you have not already. I have not finished the book yet, but it already feels like a journey; one that will make me a stronger, and a more enlightened, conservative woman.

What are your thoughts about reading a controversial book such as The Feminine Mystique?

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