The Bachelor: Too Many Walls?

by Elizabeth on February 8, 2011 · 0 comments

If you don’t watch The Bachelor, you may want to start.  Each episode brings up issues of insecurity and problems with the modern world of dating.  You may have seen my last post titled ‘Another Girl Sent Home in Tears’, but the episode on Feb. 7 brought up a whole new issue-the issue of putting up walls. Jackie was the latest woman sent home on this season, and in her tearful car ride away-she spoke about putting up a wall.  She felt like that was the reason her relationships couldn’t move forward, but was it really all her fault? It seems like the world of dating is more complicated than ever.  Throw away the old dating books, because they don’t offer any modern insight anymore-the rules have changed. Why do so many women feel like they have to protect themselves?  Why do so many other women feel so free and careless? It’s almost as if we have the two extremes in society and that we’ve lost a balance. I know Jackie isn’t the only woman in America who puts up walls.  I think it’s common for women these days to put up walls-thick, tall, large walls to protect themselves. But is it in our best interest to build a wall? Let me know what you think!

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