The Bachelor: Black and White Finale

by Elizabeth on March 15, 2011 · 2 comments

Brad Womack One came wearing black and the other wearing white. But the finale was anything but a clear decision. If you've been following The Bachelor this season or my posts online, you may have been able to see how Chantal O. and Emily fit into Brad's life as The Bachelor. Chantal O. was honest, tough, care free and it always seemed like they had a lot of fun together. Emily was a bit more reserved, sweet, genuine and a mother of a 5-year-old. The two women both had been through tragedy-a divorce and a loss of a loved one. And, the both seemed to be really amazing women-but complete opposites. When the women met Brad's family, it seemed like they were sold on Chantal O. because she seemed to make Brad so happy...and then they were sold on Emily when she called Brad 'her angel.' But then the decision had to be made....and Brad said he had really only feel in love with one of the women...Emily. I can't imagine what it was like to be Chantal O., with the pressure of dating a man hanging out with multiple women and having either everything you want-a new life, a new love, a having nothing at all...just a ride home in the backseat of a limo. But, I do feel like we can all relate to her. Dating these days is never black and white. Whether or not you are just dating or in a serious relationship-it seems like so many things are becoming obstacles these days and threatening to break your relationship down. What do you feel like threatens relationships these days? What advice do you have to help them last?

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Nitin Mehta March 15, 2011 at 1:23 pm


I will share my story with you. I always wanted to get married and it became the most important priority to me. Unknowingly it had became an idolatry and somewhat to the point that I ignored God’s calling for my life. I started following my own plan rather then God. I got engaged to a wonderful lady but that was not God’s will for me. We broke up. And I continued searching. It was frustrating and I kept going round the same mountain again and again; desperately wanting my situation to change. Finally I cried out to God.

And He stepped in and asked me a simple question. My way or your way. Choose. That was not what I wanted to hear but what God has to say is very relevant irrespective of what we think. I made my decision to follow His way. He started by telling me to give up my search and solely focus on making my relationship with Him the top priority. I have not dated in last six years (I have gone out for a cup of coffee with my lady friends). And as I focused on knowing my father, I started re-discovering myself. I became free….so free that I was content with being who I am. I put God first and He taught me to have faith and trust in Him. I started being used by God like never before. My life is a testimony of God’s deliverance.

I have never ever bothered to search again or be at a right place where I can meet my single ladies. I am free, resting in God’s promise (Mark 11:24) and enjoying my life. As a result I have met some awesome women of God and developed excellent friendships. And today being in Christ, I am sure of who I am in Him. Rested, content and waiting expectantly in faith for God to direct my steps in His time. When I become little anxious, I turn to God and remind myself of His promises.

And as I am resting in God (Hebrews 4), I do not feel threatened by things being black or white or grey. When it is of Him, you will know without a question in your heart. And what He says will come to pass. When your relationship with God is strong; nothing will be able to pull you down or threaten any aspect of your life including your relationships (Psalm 91).

Be blessed


Nitin Mehta March 15, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Just a typo. “I have never ever bothered to search again or be at a right place where I can meet single ladies”.


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