The 2009 Gentlemen of ASU: Matt LaFon

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Matt LaFon
Law Graduate Student
Hometown: Houston, TX

What is your passion, life-goal or dream job?

My passion is to serve others. My first goal is to serve God with my life, but I will be serving our country in the military after Law School, and later I would love to have a job where I can serve people with the legal profession.

Name and describe a particular man who was a role model and an influence for you in developing your character and becoming a gentleman.

My grandfather has served as a role model and influences my character greatly.  He is strong-willed and does what he thinks or knows to be best, regardless of the situation. He stands up for what he believes in and always looks out for his family.

If you are a gentleman, what would you consider a lady to be?

A lady is someone who is polite and respectful of others, yet has a quiet strength about her.

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