Staying True: Cheating Partners

by NeW Staff on February 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Although it seems to have been in the news for many of us a long time ago, Jenny Sanford probably feels like it was just yesterday when news of her husband, the Governor of South Carolina, showed up all over the news for having an affair with 'his soul mate', a woman from Argentina. In an article recently from the New York Times, the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Sanford talks about coping with her husband's betrayal.

It seems as if the topic of cheating partners is a popular one these days. Many of he celebrities and role models we have placed before ourselves seem to crack and crumble now and again. Is this sign of a dangerous new trend? A shift in the belief and sanctity of marriage and relationships?

The hardest part I found about reading this article was the background information--her husband seemed like a great guy, the perfect guy, at first.  Someone who was grounded, had strong beliefs, held a good job, came from a good family, and respected her....but somehow it all seemed to change. How can we protect ourselves?  Is marriage a risk now?

Staying True is Jenny Sanford's new book, and she talks about her husband's affair and the whole idea of women feeling trapped in a marriage.  After the affair, she had to move out of the Governor's Mansion with her four boys.  Jenny Sanford is an example of a strong conservative woman weathering the storm after a tragic public betrayal.

Do you think marriages are in trouble?  How can we judge character correctly?  Can we be certain the men we marry will remain true?

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