Should It Cost More to be a Woman?

by NeW Staff on January 5, 2010 · 0 comments

It's no secret that women often spend more money on themselves than men do.  But is it a matter of choice or do women's products really just cost more than men's?  

In a December article on MSN Money, MP Dunleavey provides an interesting commentary on men and women and consumerism.  She points out that companies often hike prices for women's products.  Is there a reason solid behind this increase?  Could it be sexism?  Or could it be simply that women are just willing to pay more, so companies can charge higher prices?

One such example Dunleavy offers: Neutrogena's Eye Reviver Cream costs $10 where as their Eye Reviver Cream for women costs $15.  Women, it seems, are willing to pay the extra $5.

Dunleavey argues beyond just skin care products; women bear a bigger burden of costs across the board, she writes.  Dunleavey asserts that there is still inequity between men and women's pay and that women pay higher insurance premiums than men do.  So what's the solution according to Dunleavey?  

"Whenever you make a purchasing decision, do a little research to find out whether you're paying that special price for being a woman. Then buy like a man and get what you want for a better rate."

Interesting take from Dunleavey.  What do you think?  Do you pay more for products just because they look nice or seem higher quality?  Would you be willing to switch to men's products just to save a dime? 

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