“Sexting” Your Way To Love

by NeW Staff on January 14, 2009 · 0 comments

This past August I posted a link to a video called “Texting your way to love.”   (It was posted on 8/14/08 if you want to watch it again!)  Well, now people seem to be moving beyond texting to “sexting.”  The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a story on Tuesday headlined, “Teens Bare All on Phones.”

What is “sexting?”

“The study also showed that 44 percent of teens say it’s common for sexually explicit images and text messages – sexting – to be shared with people other than the intended recipient.”

The article focuses on high school students.  One male student spoke frankly in the article,  

“Guys who get pictures like this from girls, I don’t think girls understand that guys gossip way more than girls,” said Taylor McCleod, 17, a Withrow University High School senior who is a teen leader for the Postponing Sexual Involvement program.

“And when a guy gets a picture like that, he’s not just going to keep it between him and the girl. He’s going to take that and show every guy that he knows that knows that girl. And every time somebody looks at her, it’s going to be a loss of respect for her.”

I think this male student sums this phenomenon up pretty well.  Ladies be careful.

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