Sexism in the Sciences Debunked

by NeW Staff on July 30, 2008 · 0 comments

So we all know the story that feminists have been telling us for years: science and math are sexist subjects, as girls reportedly underperform in the science and math sections of standardized tests. Feminists have declared women as victims of the sexist and biased academic world, and as a result have tried to eliminate any form of gender discrimination in the classroom.

Unfortunately for feminists, their story recently has been found to been misleading. Heather Mac Donald of City Journal published an article, “Math is Harder for Girls” (, that disputes the “sexism in the sciences argument” merely by looking at ALL of the statistics and not just some of them. By poking fun at feminists, she reveals that they have not accurately reported the full statistical report. She cites an article from Science about math scores:

“While boys’ and girls’ average scores are similar, boys outnumber girls among students in both the highest and the lowest score ranges.”

Once again, another feminist myth debunked. This argument is critical to the cause of conservative women. As we have shown and continue to strive to demonstrate, women are talented in their own right. It is paramount that women specifically fight against a victimhood mentality. As Mac Donald argues, quotas do not need to be instated. Women, like men, should earn jobs based on their skill level. She writes,

“Misleading reporting like [this one] will only strengthen the movement to select cancer researchers and atomic engineers on the basis of their sex, not their abilities.”

Allowing such false reasoning to be used to enact legislation is dangerous to men, women, and all of society. This example is one of many in which feminists have twisted the facts to fit their agenda. As members of NeW, we like Mac Donald, are working to show the inaccuracy of the feminist argument. It’s exciting to see how these arguments are being discredited, and the outlook for NeW’s success in this area certainly is bright.

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