Schlafly: Feminism does not liberate women

by NeW Staff on April 20, 2010 · 0 comments

“I have a view of feminism that I’m sure you will not get at the women’s studies department,” Schlafly said smiling as she addressed a crowd of students. Mrs. Schlafly spoke last night to students at a UNC-Chapel Hill event titled, "Feminism vs. Conservatism." Considering Mrs. Schlafly background and staunch fight against the ERA, it was very clear which side Mrs. Schlafly aligns with-conservatism. 

Mrs. Schlafly discussed the need for women in society and argued that women are not mistreated or oppressed. Feminism, rather, hurts women in the long run.

“Feminism does not liberate women from anything,” she said. “It teaches them how to nurse old wounds and feel sorry for themselves by identifying grievances and disadvantages. Feminism is a sour-grape ideology that is not compatible with happiness,” as quoted in a campus newspaper.

According to Leo Lopez, of The Daily Tar Heel, one student enjoyed the lecture as it brought a different viewpoint to feminism. You can check out the Daily Tar Heel's full coverage of the event
As I spoke about the UNC-Chapel Hill Women's Center earlier today, I think it necessary to tell our NeW readers that the Women's Center did not respond to emails or requests to co-sponsor the event with NeW, UNC-CH College Republicans,
Committee for a Better Carolina, and Young America’s Foundation. Why the Women's Center at UNC-CH would not want to sponsor an event about feminism, I have no idea.

A special thanks does go out to all co-sponsors and specifically the Committee for a Better Carolina for hosting such a dynamic speaker. Great event and great night!

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