Salt: The New Foe?

by NeW Staff on March 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Hold the Salt (and the flavor).  You just might get fined.

If the New York State legislature has its way and can pass a newly introduced bill, then any restaurant in the state using salt in food preparation will have to pay a $1000 fine.  While restaurant diners would still have the "freedom" to salt their own food at the table, restaurant chefs will be banned from salting anything and everything.  

Needless to say, the potential ban has unleashed a firestorm of complaints from restaurant chefs in New York.  If you've ever been to New York City, then you know firsthand why they are famous for their food.  But regulating their cooking techniques and use of ingredients?  Now that just goes too far.  Members of the advocacy group "My Food My Choice" are up in arms.  One angry chef said, 

"Chefs would be handcuffed in their food preparation, and many are already in open rebellion over this legislation."

This is an instance where the government is attempting to regulate something they really should be left up to individuals.  This ban completely ignores the role of personal responsibility.  If your doctor tells you to avoid salt, then YOU are responsible for the food choices you make.  Not the government.  

Maybe this has made me upset because I enjoy seasoned foods with lots of salt.  I will be thoroughly disappointed if my next visit to a New York City restaurant is saltless.  Salt is like anything; moderation is key.  If someone forced me to get rid of the salt in my home cooking, I would likewise be at a loss for words.  If you can't cook with a little salt, in my opinion, you might as well not cook at all.  

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