Research from a NeW Leader: How Far Does Sex Education Go?

by NeW Staff on July 2, 2009 · 0 comments

Jessica Custer, a leader in the NeW movement, and a founder of the University of Florida chapter, recently published research on a topic that NeW women deal with often: the problem of increasingly liberalized youth sex education. In an article for the Civitas Institute, which can be found discusses the recent debate of the Healthy Youth Act in North Carolina, a measure that would implement a new teaching curriculum in the state for sex education, one that focuses heavily on contraception methods and techniques and less on abstinence. Custer points out the problems with this act and the potential harm that it could cause North Carolina’s young people:

“The reality of the curriculum is that it presupposes that adolescents starting at age 5, will engage in sexual intercourse and should be taught ways to make it ‘safe.’”

Custer then goes onto explain the long-term effects that this teaching has on youth: a climate of casual and uninhibited sexual activity. For young women specifically, such teaching has the potential to produce a harvest of increasingly negative consequences. Such progressive sex education has a strong correlation with the hookup culture that so many of us have witnessed at our universities. Custer closes with this chilling statement:

The developmental messages that taught sexual freedom have now produced a generation of no-strings-attached sexual encounters.”

North Carolina, unfortunately, is not alone in advancing such teaching; it is important that more research like this is conducted to show the linkage between a provocative sex education curriculum and an increase in the hook-up culture.

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