Religion and Sex: What’s The Connection?

by NeW Staff on June 17, 2010 · 0 comments

I will preface this posting with the fact that I am a firm believer in organized religion. For all its flaws, I believe it promotes family structure and morality in today’s society. It is a fact that religion has a direct effect on the lifestyles, priorities, and parenting choices of women. The choice to pursue religious belief by parents does affect their children. Though their religious beliefs and attitudes statistically do not directly affect teenagers’ and young womens’ choice to have sex, the core values of their parent’s religion is a major deciding factor affecting their attitude toward marriage and in the choice of their long term partner.

One study found that religious belief only affected 10% of teenagers’ decision to have sex. That 10%, though, made more mature and thoughtful decisions related to sex.  What set these teens apart from the other 90% that believed? They had what is referred to as internalized religion. Religious belief was something that defined them as a person, not just another part of their life. I would say this argues that a true connection to the Creator, regardless of specific denomination, is a positive thing.

Religion is a positive and mitigating force in our ‘do what we want, when we want’ society. While it seems to be trendy for educated women to be an atheist or agnostic, I would venture to say it is often these very women who promote casual sex as if it does not have any repercussions. Though I think having casual sex and being ‘wild and free’ is an easier route to take, the negative emotional and physical effects of such a lifestyle cannot be denied. That is not to say that taking a conservative approach is easy. Many times women feel that they cannot find anyone to date who understands their religious beliefs and subsequent views on sex. It isn’t easy living in a world where you hold traditional beliefs but are encouraged by society to act in a popular fashion.

At this point, I want to know, what do you believe?

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