Rebecca Hagelin’s Take on The Shriver Report

by NeW Staff on November 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Two weeks ago, NeW covered The Shriver Report, and many of our writers discussed the problems we have with an agenda entitled, "A Woman's Nation."  We just can't seem to get behind a movement that directly ignores the men of this nation. 

Rebecca Hagelin, a dear friend and supporter of NeW and a champion of the pro-family movement, wrote on The Shriver Report today and what she finds problematic about it.  She described how "A Woman's Nation" does nothing for American families.  In fact, it neglects families completely.

Hagelin writes,

"The report celebrates the economic success and power of women over the last few decades, yet totally fails to acknowledge that the family unit has disintegrated during those exact same years."

Hagelin addresses an issue that I think we so often forget about: Marriages have suffered tremendously as a result of the rise of modern feminism.  In light of women's gains and striving for independence, the divorce rate has climbed. How has the feminist ideology of "freedom" and "sexual liberation" contributed to this?  It has led to the so-called "empowerment" of women, one that encourages women not to submit to any man, not to be happy with the traditional treatment of wives in our culture, and often that "independence" finds divorce the best answer to difficulties in marriage.

As Hagelin argues, Shriver misses the point.  Women will never be happy by gaining more "power" in the workplace, women will not find freedom in true independence, and women will not be satisfied by putting down men.  Hagelin closes with these powerful words about what we should be looking for in "saving our society":

"A growing economy will not save us. Women’s advancement in the workplace and in education will not save us. Greater flex hours will not save us. All of those things are wonderful advancements that contribute to a better society. But if we continue to destroy and “reinvent” the basic building block of every single civil society since the beginning of time – the family unit – we will fail as a nation."

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