Rebecca Hagelin, Champion of the Family Movement, Celebrates NeW’s Anniversary

by NeW Staff on September 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Rebecca Hagelin has been a leader in the pro-family movement for over 20 years and recently released a best-seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.  She has champions the values of motherhood and families and advocates ways to protect the nation's youth in an increasingly negative culture.  Rebecca has also been a friend and supporter of the Network of enlightened Women since 2006 when she wrote an article about NeW.  Several of our chapters have enjoyed discussing her first best-selling book, Home Invasion in their NeW book clubs.

Today, we were honored to have Rebecca celebrate NeW's Fifth Anniversary in her regular column in The Washington Times.  After a visit to The King's College and meeting with the NeW chapter there, led under the strong leadership of Sarah-Gordon, she felt compelled to write.  She describes,

"I spoke at King's College in the heart of New York City and was delighted to find smart, feminine, happy college women who celebrate the uniqueness and strength of their gender - and also admire and value men and chivalry."

Rebecca, like NeW, sees the decline of women's happiness a direct result of the empty claims of feminism:

"The culprit of today's female oppression and unhappiness? That same bitter feminism that causes many men to no longer treat women as different and more refined than their own burly gender. A segment of women and those who drink their Kool-Aid are oppressing other women - and their major target is our daughters..."

As we celebrate five years of enlightening college women, join NeW and Rebecca Hagelin this week in encouraging young women to reclaim their happiness.

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