Potentially Powerful in the White House

by NeW Staff on June 23, 2008 · 0 comments

A recent poll came out asking Americans which Presidential candidate’s wife they prefer.

This really provoked my thinking, will the wives of the two
Presidential candidates make a difference in America’s voting
preferences? How much of a role does the First Lady play in affecting
the President’s decisions? Should we look at her political views and
how she could potentially sway her husband? And what about emotional
support? Does the First Lady’s level of compassion and concern for the
President’s well-being influence what type of leader our new President
will be?

If this really is an important factor in the
Presidential race, then what does this say about the role of marriage
in society today? Do Americans really value strong, committed marital
relationships? In a culture where the sanctity of marriage is
increasingly being challenged in the courts, in pop culture, and in the
classroom, one’s attempt to base voting decisions on a candidate’s
spouse seems to signal a double standard.

What is your
opinion? How is marriage viewed today in our culture, and yet at the
same time, how much of an emphasis do the news media place on the role
of these potential First Ladies? Is marriage undervalued or do
journalists overplay the importance of one’s spouse during a
Presidential term? Some interesting food for thought…

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