Postmodern Sexual Etiquette, From Hook-Up to Checkup

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A Return To Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue, Chapter 2

Do you have sexual freedom? Do you feel emancipated from the Judeo-Christian ethic about sex? Well you should according to Mr. Edward Beecher. In 1969, he said the following:

"Here, I think, is a task for sex research: an objective inquiry into the short-term and long-term effects on men, women, and children of emancipation from sexual repression, from feelings of sexual shame and guilt."

Despite the elimination of the old Judeo-Christian rules regarding sexuality, now we have the postmodern sexual etiquette. It appears to be organized into 3-4 simple stages, freeing women from inhibtions and guilt.

Here it is, the Post Modern Sexual Etiquette at a glance.

Stage One: The Hook-Up
Stage Two: The Dumping
Stage Three: The Post-Dumping Checkup
Stage Four (optional): The Pre-Hook-Up Check For Prior-Post-Dumping-Checkup-Intervals

However, as Wendy Shalit notes, this set of rules leaves women in the lurch, wondering why they are sleeping with so many men and than wondering why they, in fact, do feel that their hearts have been broken.

Thought of the week: Jane Fonda visited Arizona State University last Friday and spoke about her journey of becoming woman. In conclusion to this chapter, Wendy Shalit addresses Simonde de Beauvoir's ideas by saying that perhaps this whole idea of becoming a woman is just a way of actually avoiding being a woman.

Question of the week: Does one have to be sexually adventurous to be free, liberated, emancipated? To prove that one is mature?

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