Please Stop “Title-Nining” Everything

by NeW Staff on December 14, 2009 · 0 comments

The Greensboro, North Carolina News-Record published my letter to the editor on the dangers of Title IX. You can check it out here:

Dear News-Record Editor,

The Dec. 9 article, “Rockingham schools accused of illegally favoring boys,” by Morgan Glover sheds light on the troubling issue: Title IX. The issue is not discrimination in schools but rather the over-application of feminist-invented and feminist-promoted Title IX legislation.

Title IX dictates that if 60 percent of students taking academic classes are female, then 60 percent of students playing on athletic teams must be female. The legislation ignores the possibility that more men than women actually want to participate in athletics. The result: more under-qualified women join the team’s roster while trophy-winning male teams are canceled. Women’s teams also suffer as untalented players join the roster for the sake of making quotas and a team loses its collective competitiveness.

Title IX may appear to help Reidsville High’s softball team become “equal” but will actually hurt male and female athletes in the long run. Title IX ignores the differences between men and women and demands a quota system that favors one group at the expense of another. It has eliminated equality of opportunity for both men and women, causing an even greater amount of inequality in our schools. North Carolina’s students deserve better.

Jessica Custer

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