Patton Lectures Princeton Students about Man-repellent

by Karin on April 22, 2013 · 0 comments

Susan Patton told Princeton students during a lecture last week that women become more desperate each year they wait to find a husband, which “has the effect of giving off man-repellant.”  Patton made headlines earlier this year with her letter to the Daily Princetonian advising Princeton women to search for husbands while on campus.  She goes a step further in her lecture:
“That’s always been a problem for the good girls, the smart girls, the nice girls competing against the girls who are easier to make than a peanut butter sandwich,” Patton said. “But as [men] mature, as they start thinking more seriously about who they really do want to settle down with and who they would consider starting a family and having children with, it’s probably not going to be those girls.” She said that a woman will become progressively more desperate every year she waits to find a husband, which “has the effect of giving off man-repellent.” Likewise, Patton said that the desirable men that a woman might find in her 30s after she has developed her career will likely already be married with children at home.
What do you think of Patton's advice?

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