Our Nation’s Education

by NeW Staff on April 17, 2009 · 0 comments

President Obama has stated that the three main focuses of his Administration are the environment, health care and education.  Given the fact that our education system ranks below average compared to a lot of other developed countries, one would hope to see significant improvements.  However, the current tension among teachers unions, government administrations and parents is so great that it will be interesting to see how the President plans to implement change in this area. 

A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the current feud between the interest groups and that this animosity among the groups has brought education reform almost to a standstill.  The major concerns surrounding this issue are with school choice and teacher performance.  Should the quality of one's education be based on where that person lives? Should there be performance measures for teachers? And finally, do you think a move to a more market-based system would improve the problem or make it worse?

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