Opportunity for Enlightenment!

by NeW Staff on July 9, 2008 · 0 comments

Interested in another great DC opportunity? This Thursday and Friday, July 10-11, is the 15th annual Eagle Forum Collegians Summit. It will be two days of speakers, student panelists, and a great networking fest! Eagle Forum was founded by Phyllis Schlafly, a champion of the pro-family movement, in 1972. If you haven’t yet learned about the amazing accomplishments of this extraordinary woman, visit her website, www.eagleforum.org and see just how much change one person can make. For conservative women, she has led the way towards countering feminism. She provides college women with a wonderful example to follow, both for her boldness and her commitment to her values.

Karin and I will both be speaking about our involvement with NeW and how we have worked to spark conservative action on our campus. We’d love to see some of you out there! Sign-up is almost over, so make sure to do it quickly by clicking here http://www.efcollegians.org/2008/2008summit.html. The event will take place at the Heritage Foundation near Capitol Hill on Massachusetts Avenue and will go from 9am until 5pm both days. This will be a great opportunity to learn about important issues affecting our country right now and will help better prepare you to fight for conservative values on your campus.

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