Online Book Club Chapter 4: Not Everyone Is Doing It

by Annemarie on October 13, 2009 · 0 comments

"Not all teenagers are sexually active and fewer young adults than you might think are racking up significant numbers of sexual partners.That's not the message you get from popular culture. If television or magazines geared toward women were any guide, you might assume that all teens and young adults are engaging numerous lovers."

Carrie Lukas is absolutely right! We are bombarded with TV shows and magazines portraying teens and young adults engaging in sexual activities. The November 2009 issue of
Glamour magazine has an article entitled, "The Thing I Do Best In Bed," where readers detail their talents in bed.

"The Message to parents is that there's no point in trying to discourage teenage children from having sex; at best encourage them to use contraception to limit the risk of pregnancy and disease."

This is the message our culture is inundated with by TV shows like FOX's
Glee. In a recent episode, one of the lead female characters argued that kids are going to do it and it's ridiculous to teach abstinence, instead they need to be taught contraception.

Our culture has a low view of sex, so low in fact that we advocate engaging in sex just to get it over with, so we can say we're no longer a virgin.

"The hit movie American Pie centered on four high school guys' quests to lose their virginity by senior prom. Graduating high school as virgins was a fate too terrible to contemplate."

What's wrong with being a virgin? Virgins can say, "I'm not willing to compromise, I want to give my virginity to the man of my dreams and no one else. If a man wants me then he is going to have to earn it!" As a married woman who embraced this philosophy, I can say with all confidence: Saving yourself for Prince Charming is worth it! My heart, soul, mind and body are devoted to the man of my dreams, and it is the most amazing relationship on earth.

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