Obamacare’s Latest Target: Marriage

by NeW Staff on April 23, 2010 · 0 comments

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will change more than just healthcare and insurance rates; Obamacare is crawling into bed and impacting America’s marriage rates. At least according to Real Clear Politics columnist, Diana Furchtgott-Roth’s new article, “Hello Healthcare, Goodbye Marriage.” How will the new healthcare law impact marriage trends?

“The health insurance premium credits in the new law are linked to the poverty line, resulting in new and steep marriage penalties.”

The article continues to explain:

“The penalty extends also to single mothers. Say Sally is a single mother earning $43,710, putting her and her baby at 300% of the poverty line. They would be eligible for the health insurance premium assistance credit.  But what if Sally wants to marry Sam, the father of her child, who earns $43,320, and is at 400% of the federal poverty line? Their total earnings, at $87,030, would exceed the 400% poverty line for a family of three ($73,240). Married, they would no longer receive help with their health insurance premiums, despite both earning the credit when unmarried. In order to keep her government health insurance benefit, Sally could only marry someone earning less than $30,000.”

I wonder if our legislators realized the far-reaching impact of the new law when they signed their approval. Or, is Congress now in the business of discouraging marriage and incentivizing lower-earning unions? 

This post originally appeared on The Civitas Review.

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