Not Your Average Superbowl Commercial

by NeW Staff on January 25, 2010 · 0 comments

I typically don't watch the Superbowl, and yes, I am an American. I just find pro football boring. And I find it kind of unbelievable that companies pay $3 million for 30 seconds to tell Americans what to buy.
Junk food, beer, sex, celebrities, Tim Tebow and Focus on the Family are said to be making an appearance on these expensive ad spots.

Wait Tim Tebow... AND Focus on the Family?

As a huge Gator fan, they had me at Tim Tebow. In a first for Superbowl commercials, CBS is airing a message from Focus on the Family featuring Tim Tebow and his mom Pam. The spot will be pro-life and pro-family, according to a
press release from Focus on the Family.

Presumably, the spot will tell the story of how Pam Tebow went against medical advice to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Tim. Controversy has surrounded the decision of
CBS to air the commercial because it deals with a controversial issue.
I might just tune in this year.

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