Newsmax- The Newer Feminism

by NeW Staff on December 23, 2009 · 0 comments

In Newsmax Magazine S.E. Cupp explores the modern day feminist. Who is she?

The article poses a few interesting questions that NeW women should ask each other. What does a post-women's suffrage feminist look like today? What do Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin have in common? Is there room for both NeW and old feminism?

Cupp begins the rather lengthy article reminding readers of Sec. of State Hilary Clinton's trip to Africa where she "lost her cool and when a Congolese university student asked her to relay her husband’s opinion of an international economic issue. “You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?” she shot back. “My husband is not secretary of state. I am.”"

Clinton's remark screamed "angry feminist" in the way that Sen. Boxer's (now unforgettable) "Address me as Senator, I think I earned it" comment did over the summer. 

But is there more to this story than just angry, pant suit wearing feminists making their mark in a world dominated by men in black suits?

Cupp writes,

"Clinton’s precarious position as a “pop feminist icon,” as The Washington Post labeled her, highlights the difficulty of summing up the collective successes and failures of the women’s movement, and raises the question: Is feminism still relevant today?"

Read the article to find out.

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