New Study: Family Time Increased

by NeW Staff on April 6, 2010 · 0 comments

A new study conducted by economists at the University of California in San Diego asserts that American parents are spending more time with their children than in other generations.  

“Before 1995, mothers spent an average of about 12 hours a week attending to the needs of their children. By 2007, that number had risen to 21.2 hours a week for college-educated women and 15.9 hours for those with less education. Fathers also registered striking gains: to 9.6 hours a week for college-educated men, more than double the pre-1995 rate of 4.5 hours; and to 6.8 hours for other men, up from 3.7.”

Forming a strong bond with your parents helps you establish your life values, gives you the ability to learn from your parents’ mistakes, improves future relationships, and develops your moral compass. Hopefully, the increase in parents spending time with their children will lead to a more united society with fewer problems in the areas of relationships and morality.

It’s always been my belief that more “family time” encourages children in a positive manner. It teaches them values like selflessness, gratefulness, and other important values their parents can offer which are then used throughout their lives and passed on to their children. This study is great news for the generations to come and provides hope for the future America!

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