NeW Senior Spotlight: Kala Kelly

by Elizabeth on May 13, 2011 · 0 comments

Kala Kelly graduated from from Florida State University in December 2010. She served as the President Founder of the Florida State NeW Chapter. Kala first got involved with NeW in 2009. Kala discusses the founding experience:
NeW challenged me personally to go beyond my comfort zone and talk about my conservative values. It was even harder encouraging young women around me to embrace the challenge to speak out for conservatism. I met a lot of road blocks and apprehensive people along my journey while founding NeW at FSU, but ultimately we as a group stood strong, challenged our minds and those around us, and grew into an organization I am proud to say I am a part of.
And, how did NeW shape her college experience?
Promoting NeW on my college campus really turned some heads. I instantly became the "token conservative chick" and as such, was not always welcomed with open arms. However, I feel that NeW provided me the opportunity to really research my conservative values and develop the ability to intelligently speak about what I know and how I know it. These sharpened skills helped me embrace the "token" name I acquired, opened the air for some great "bi-partisan" conversations, and shaped me into a solid representation of conservatism in my other campus activities.
Kala is currently working as lobbyist in Florida and lobbies a respite care provider in Central Florida and the Alzheimer's Association Gulf Coast Chapter. She plans on attending law school in the fall. Congratulations Kala! We appreciate your dedication to NeW and everything you have done for the chapter at Florida State University!

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