NeW Senior Spotlight: Jessica from Arizona State University

by NeW Staff on May 19, 2010 · 1 comment

Today, NeW honors Jessica Woods, a graduate from Arizona State University.  In her time at ASU, Jessica was part of the executive board that created and launched the original Gentlemen's Showcase.  We asked Jessica a few questions about her experiences and involvement in NeW.  Congratulations and thank you, Jessica, for your commitment to NeW and helping us to expand our presence out west! 

How long have you been involved in NeW?
3 Semesters

Did you hold any Leadership Positions?
Vice President

What has been the most rewarding experience during your involvement in NeW?
To spread our message across campus and enlighten women whether or not they agree on the subject matter. It was great to share our opinions and express our ideals with activism and participation in on campus activities. Getting all the students involved and educated was the most rewarding experience. 

What is something you learned in your NeW Book Club?
The ideals of conservative women. We discussed how to fight the biases and not fall into being a statistic of a young American woman in a postmodernistic society.     

Do you plan to stay involved in the conservative movement and/or politics after graduation?  If so, how?
Absolutely, I am a Political Science, History and International affairs student. I intend to remain extremely active politically and share my ideals with people I come into contact with. Not only with verbalizing my morals, but also by letting people see how I live and interact as a conservative woman in my day to day activities.  

What advice would you leave to younger members of NeW?
Stay strong and be as active as possible! YOU have a message that is unique and needs to be heard. More people will listen than you would intend. Be classy and believe what your heart tells you. 

Jessica (2nd from left) with NeW at ASU leaders and Karin Agness at CPAC.

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