NeW North Carolina Expansion

by NeW Staff on November 19, 2009 · 0 comments

Tarheels and Wolfpack in the same room?  Private women's college and Public Co-eds uniting?  What brings them together?  It's simple: NeW!  

Last night, NeW's leaders in North Carolina, led by NeW's North Carolina State Chair, Jessica Custer, came together to brainstorm, cast a vision, and encourage a NeW way of thinking for the collegiate women in their state.  NeW's leaders from Meredith College, UNC Chapel Hill, and NC State talked about the ways in which they could reach the conservative women on their campus most effectively, how they could promote a positive message for women in the state, and areas where they could challenge the liberal status quo on their campuses. 

The women have big plans, beginning with a tri-campus meet and greet in December: an opportunity for all of the campuses to meet, come together, and set forth a strong and united front for their state.  Keep watch for more great things from the women of this state!

NeW leaders in NC! From left to right, State Chair Jessica Custer,
Anna Beavon from Meredith College, Kelsey from Chapel Hill,
and Taylor from NC State.

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