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by NeW Staff on September 22, 2009 · 0 comments

NeW is dedicated to fostering the education and leadership of culturally conservative women and promoting intellectual diversity and conservative principles.  We encourage young women to do speak out for what they believe in, knowing they have support from the Network of enlightened Women.

One of NeW's top leaders, Caroline Rushing, who serves as President of the UVA chapter, had her op-ed published on  Congratulations, Caroline!  She discusses the problems of political correctness on college campuses and how so many voices are silenced as a result.

Caroline writes,

"As long as we keep telling people they are victims, the Left will continue their reign over the oppressed, students will be forced to be more politically correct in order to avoid further injustice, and white students will continue to be ashamed of themselves and find ways to apologize to society."

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